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Trump tried to show his mental fitness by repeatedly mentioning five words

Washington: Donald Trump's campaign in the US presidential election seeks to portray 77-year-old Joe Biden as someone who has lost some of his acumen,...

English took these 20 words of Hindi identically

Every year 14 September is celebrated as (Hindi Diwas). On 14 September 1949, Hindi was given the status of the official language...

India-US agreed to improve quadrilateral consultation

Washington: During the talks between India and the US on Friday, it was agreed that they would try to improve quadrilateral consultation with Australia...
Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus blocks new media websites amid large protests

Minsk: Authorities have blocked several new media websites in Belarus for writing news on the two-week-long protests against dictator President Alexander Lukashenko. The Belarusian...

Trump’s party Republican leaders reach court to reverse Biden’s victory, case against Pence

Washington: In an effort to reverse the victory of newly elected President Joe Biden in the US, some Republican leaders have sued Vice President...