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IRDA is seeking to reduce insurance premium, GST rates can be cheaper

New Delhi: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has once again asked the Finance Ministry to reduce the GST rates (GST rates on...
John le Carr

Famous author of detective novels ‘John le Carr’ passd away

London: John le Carre, the famous author of detective novels, passed away. He was 89. He gained fame with novels depicting the espionage world...
National Institute of Sports Patiala

26 players infected with coronavirus in NIS Patiala

New Delhi: Sports Authority of India official said on Wednesday that the National Institute of Sports in Patiala, the players, and partners participating in...

US warns Moscow to face consequences if it takes aggressive action in eastern Ukraine

Washington: America has warned Russia to bear the consequences if it takes aggressive action in eastern Ukraine and the Biden Administration is reviewing its...
Louise Gluck

America’s Louise Gluck received the Nobel Prize for literature

New Delhi: The Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2020 has been given to the poet Nobel Prize Louise Glück of America. The...