Trump, Biden engaged in presenting himself strongly against China


Washington: China has emerged as a top electoral issue for the presidential election in the US. In this situation, President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are engaged in beating each other in the war of words against China. Both want to show that they can deal better with China-related matters. Trump’s election campaign managers have put out such advertisements, with Biden engaged in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s reception. On the other hand, Trump is shown by Biden’s election campaign praising Chinfing for being transparent about the epidemic, taking the Coronavirus lightly. Whereas, it is clear that China lately shared details about the epidemic to the world. Republican Polster Frank, who reviewed the ads, said, “I think there will be a thorn competition but I don’t know who is going to benefit from it?” Frank believes that China is the third-largest electoral issue in the upcoming presidential election, with the economy and steps to combat the Coronavirus.


It will also be a matter of discussion among voters as to who can present the United States in the strongest manner against Trump’s unfair trade practices, rising global resentment, and human rights violations. He said, “The person who will be seen under Chinese leaders will be the biggest loser in the elections.” In a survey conducted after the coronavirus spread in the US, the anger of American citizens came out against China. Accordingly, 66 percent of the people reacted negatively against China. This was the worst reaction of the American people against China since 2005. In such a situation, the probable candidates in the presidential elections have been trying to prove themselves better than each other against China.