Thousands on strike in protest against racial inequality in America


New York: Organizers of a nationwide strike in the US say thousands of people did not go to work on Monday in more than two dozen cities to protest against systemic racism and economic inequality. He says this discrimination has worsened during the Coronavirus epidemic. Social and racial justice organizations from New York City to Los Angeles, along with labor organizations, participated in this campaign called ‘Strike for Black Lives’.

protest against racial inequality in America

Organizers said that where it is not possible to stop work throughout the day, participants will either participate in the movement during the lunch break or keep silent. The organizers include over 150 organizations associated with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. He said, “We are creating a country where the lives of black people matter in all aspects of society, including the workplace.” Apart from this, they are also demanding help for increasing wages, better health care for workers, sick leave, and child care.