Pakistan’s 30% pilots have fake licenses, not able to fly aircraft


Islamabad: Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that there are more than 30 percent of civilian pilots in Pakistan, who are not eligible to fly and have fake licenses. Addressing the National Assembly, Khan said that more than 260 pilots in Pakistan paid someone else to take the exam instead. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has removed all its pilots with fake licenses with immediate effect.

The country has more than 850 active pilots of various domestic airlines, including the country’s premier airline PIA and other foreign carriers. This information came to light last month in Karachi in an investigation into a PIA plane crash that killed about 100 people. Khan told Parliament that the pilots of the PIA plane that crashed on 22 May were not focused during the flight.

The aviation minister said Pilates’s over-confidence and lack of concentration was one of the reasons that led to the tragedy that killed 97 people. The pilot, on the other hand, ignored the instructions of air traffic controllers and ATC. On the other hand, the pilot was not informed about the collision of the engine. The pilots were discussing the Corona throughout flight time. They were not focused. He talked about Corona … his family was impressed.

When the control tower asked him to increase the height of the aircraft, the pilot said ‘I will handle’. There was immense confidence, “Khan told the National Assembly while presenting an interim investigation report on the plane crash on Wednesday. Let us know that the Airbus A-320 aircraft going from Lahore to Karachi near Jinnah International Airport in Karachi on 22 May The accident took place in the residential area. There were 91 passengers and eight crew members on board before crashing into the Jinnah Garden area in Model Colony in Malir.