Kim Jong Un Announces Plans to Launch More Satellites and Develop Modern Weapons in 2024

Kim Jong Un

Seoul: In a defiant show of strength, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared that his country will launch three more military reconnaissance satellites, produce more nuclear weapons, and develop modern unmanned combat equipment in the year 2024. Kim Jong Un made these announcements in a major meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party, which was held to set the goals and priorities for the country for the next year.

The Meeting

The meeting, which lasted for five days, was attended by thousands of party members, officials, military commanders, and scientists. It was the first such meeting since 2016 when Kim Jong Un unveiled his five-year economic plan and his vision for the country’s nuclear and missile programs.

The meeting was also seen as a platform for Kim Jong Un to consolidate his power and authority, as he faced multiple challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, economic sanctions, food shortages, and natural disasters.

The Announcements

Kim Jong Un said that in 2024, North Korea will launch three more military reconnaissance satellites, named Kwangmyongsong-6, Kwangmyongsong-7, and Kwangmyongsong-8, to enhance its surveillance and intelligence capabilities. He said that these satellites will help the country monitor the movements and activities of its enemies and protect its sovereignty and security.

He also said that North Korea will make more nuclear weapons, including hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles, to deter any aggression and provocation from the US and its allies. He said that North Korea has already achieved the status of a nuclear power and will continue to strengthen its nuclear force.

He further said that North Korea will develop modern unmanned combat equipment, such as drones, robots, and artificial intelligence, to increase its military efficiency and effectiveness. He said that this equipment will enable the country to conduct swift and precise attacks on its targets and minimize casualties and losses.

Kim Jong Un justified his plans by saying that the actions of the US and its allies against North Korea have been unprecedented, bringing the Korean Peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. He accused the US of pursuing a hostile policy and imposing harsh sanctions on North Korea while conducting joint military exercises and deploying strategic assets in the region.

He said that in a critical situation, North Korea needs to work quickly to enhance its combat response capabilities and prepare for any contingency. He said that North Korea will never give up its nuclear and missile programs, which are the guarantee of its survival and dignity.

Kim Jong Un

He also said that North Korea will not engage in any dialogue or negotiation with the US unless the US abandons its hostile policy and respects North Korea’s sovereignty and rights. He said that North Korea will not be intimidated or coerced by any pressure or threat, and will defend itself with its strength and determination.

The meeting concluded on Saturday, with Kim Jong Un expressing his confidence and optimism about the future of the country and the party. He urged the party members and the people to unite and work hard to achieve the goals and tasks set for the next year. He also wished the party and the country a happy and prosperous new year.