Indian Crew Unharmed in Baltimore Bridge Collision: Vessel Management Confirms Safety Amidst Chaos

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

Baltimore: In a harrowing incident that shook the city of Baltimore, the Francis Scott Key Bridge suffered a catastrophic collapse when a 948-foot Singapore-flagged container ship, the Dali, collided with it. Despite the severity of the accident, which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, all 22 members of the crew were Indians, including two pilots, have been reported safe and secure by the vessel management company, Synergy Marine Group. The company emphasized that there were no injuries among the crew and no environmental pollution resulted from the incident. Grace Ocean Pte Ltd, the registered owner of the Dali, is currently overseeing the situation.

The bridge, a critical infrastructure in Baltimore, was struck by the Dali, leading to multiple vehicles plunging into the Patapsco River below. Footage from the scene shared on a microblogging platform, depicted the dramatic moment the ship crashed into the bridge, which subsequently caught fire and sank. The Dali was departing Baltimore, bound for Colombo, Sri Lanka when the tragedy unfolded.

Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J Wiedefeld, in a news conference, revealed that at least six individuals, believed to be part of a construction crew working on pothole repairs, are missing. Rescue operations have managed to save two people thus far, with one being critically injured and the other unharmed. Local authorities continue their search for the remaining six individuals feared to be lost in the river.

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

Before the collision, the crew of the Dali had reported power issues, a warning that Maryland Governor Wes Moore acknowledged may have saved numerous lives. The timely mayday call allowed officials to halt traffic flow, preventing further vehicles from being on the bridge during the collapse. The Maryland Transportation Authority has since closed all lanes of the I-695 Key Bridge in both directions, with traffic rerouted accordingly.

This incident has brought to light the importance of stringent safety measures and the swift response of emergency services in averting a larger disaster. The bridge, part of a bustling port known for handling over 750,000 vehicle shipments in 2022, now stands as a reminder of the fragility of man-made structures and the unforeseen dangers they may pose.