India stresses on need to respect principles of international relations at RIC trilateral FM’s meet


New Delhi: India has said that respecting the international law, recognizing legitimate interests of partners, supporting multilateralism and promoting common good are the only ways of building a durable world order.

Dr S Jaishankar

In his opening remarks at the Russia-India-China- RIC trilateral Foreign Minister’s Video Conference today, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar said that this Special Meeting reiterates our belief in the time-tested principles of international relations.

He said,the challenge today is not just one of concepts and norms, but equally of their practice. He said, the leading voices of the world must be exemplars in every way.

Dr Jaishankar said the United Nations began with 50 members and today it has 193.

He said UN’s decision making surely cannot continue to be in denial of this fact.

He said Russia, India and China have been active participants in shaping the global agenda and it is India’s hope that RIC will also now converge on the value of reformed multilateralism.

Dr Jaishankar said the victory over Nazism and Fascism in the second world war was achieved through sacrifices across many theatres by many countries.

India made a significant contribution, with 2.3 million of its citizens under arms and 14 million more participating in war production.

The Minister pointed out that when the victors met to fashion the ensuing global order, the political circumstances of that era did not give India due recognition.

He said this historical injustice has stood uncorrected for the last 75 years, even as the world has changed.

He said that therefore, it is important for the world to realize both the contribution that India made and the need to rectify the past.