China asks America to close the embassy


Beijing: China on Friday asked Washington to close its embassy in Chengdu, reversing the US decision to close the Chinese embassy in Houston. A statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China has informed the US Embassy here of its decision that it withdraws its consent to establish and operate the US Consulate General in Chengdu.

Chaina America

The decision is in response to America’s “unilateral” decision to close the Houston embassy. It also said that China’s decision is a valid and necessary response to America’s unfair actions. The US ordered the closure of the Chinese Embassy in Houston on Wednesday. He said the move was aimed at “protecting American intellectual property and private information”. Reacting strongly to the US action, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called it an “unprecedented increase in tension” and warned of retaliation. China said on Thursday that there was “malicious intent” behind the US government’s order to close its embassy in Houston, and said its officials had never acted beyond normal diplomatic regulations.

Wang said the decision to close the embassy was “a violation of international law and the basic rules governing international relations” and “severely weakened the Sino-US relationship.” Wang said, “This is to break the bridge of friendship between the Chinese and the American people.”