Onion Santa Claus: A Unique Sand Artwork by Sudarshan Patnaik on Puri Beach

Onion Santa Claus

Puri: On the occasion of Christmas 2023, a unique and eye-catching artwork of Santa Claus made of sand and onion was created on the Puri beach of Odisha by renowned sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik and his students. The artwork, which measured 100 feet by 20 feet by 40 feet, used two tonnes of onion to give Santa Claus a realistic look and a festive touch.

The artwork also carried a message of environmental awareness, as it read ‘Gift a Plant, Green the Earth’. Patnaik said that he wanted to convey the importance of planting trees and protecting nature through his sand art. He also said that he wanted to celebrate the spirit of Christmas by using onion, which is a common and essential ingredient in Indian cuisine.

Patnaik and his sand art school students worked for eight hours to complete the artwork on Christmas Eve. They used special techniques and tools to shape the sand and onion into a magnificent sculpture of Santa Claus. Patnaik said that he and his students enjoy making different and innovative sand artworks every year. He said that last year, they had made a statue of Santa Claus from tomatoes, which was also a huge attraction for the visitors.

Onion Santa Claus

Patnaik’s onion Santa Claus artwork has been recognized by the ‘World Record Book of India’ as a new record for the world’s largest Santa Claus artwork made of onion and sand. Patnaik said that he was happy and honored to receive this recognition and thanked his students and supporters for their help and encouragement. He also said that he hopes that his artwork will inspire people to celebrate Christmas in an eco-friendly way and to spread joy and peace in the world.