Indore creates a unique replica of Ayodhya’s Ram temple from iron scrap

Indore creates replica of Ayodhyas Ram temple

Indore: Indore, the city known for its cleanliness and smartness, has added another feather to its cap by creating a unique replica of the Ram temple that is being constructed in Ayodhya. The replica, which is made from 21 tonnes of iron scrap, is located in Vishram Bagh and has a height of 27 feet, width of 26 feet, and length of 40 feet. It took 20 laborers and about two and a half months of hard work to complete this remarkable feat.

The iron scrap used for making the replica includes old iron poles, chassis of junk vehicles, nuts-bolts, broken swings, slip strips, grills, and other waste materials. The Municipal Corporation of Indore collected these items from various sources and handed them over to the artists and welders who transformed them into the shape of a temple. The replica has been designed according to the model of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, which is still under construction.

The Mayor of Indore, Pushyamitra Bhargava, said that he was inspired by the Ram temple in Ayodhya to build a replica of the temple in Vishram Bagh. He said that it was a big challenge to make a replica of a temple that is not yet completed and to use iron scrap for the purpose. He said that he was proud of the artists and welders who made it possible with their skill and dedication. He said that the replica is a tribute to the faith and devotion of the people of Indore.

Indore creates replica of Ayodhyas Ram temple

The replica is currently undergoing finishing work, which includes painting and electrical fitting. The Mayor said that the replica will be inaugurated soon and will be open for public viewing. He said that the replica is a symbol of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Indore and will attract visitors from far and wide. He said that the replica is also an example of how waste can be reused and recycled in a creative and eco-friendly way.