Government amended motor vehicle rules, it is not necessary to keep spare tire in the car

Spare Tire

New Delhi: In order to boost the electric vehicle, the government has made changes in the Motor Vehicle Act. Under the new amendments issued by the Government in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, if the car is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system or has a tire repair kit, there is no need to keep a spare tire in the car. The amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act has been done in view of the increasing number of electric vehicles in the market. If there is no spare tire in the car, more space will be available and a bigger battery can be kept in it.

Amid the increase in the country’s carbon footprint, the Center is taking several measures to promote India electric vehicles on environmental concerns. With the new modification, the large battery of electric vehicle can be kept in empty space, which will increase the range of the vehicle. The biggest concern of electric vehicle buyers in the country is its mileage.

Necessary changes have been made on the need for a spare tire in the vehicles. The new amendment does not mandate an in-build tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in the vehicle. It has been said that if tire repair kits and TPMS are given by the companies in the vehicle then the need for additional tires in such vehicles goes away and people do not need to keep spare tires.

The TPMS tells the driver about the tire pressure and warns you that driving in a bad tire can prove dangerous. The TPMS Low Tire Pressure Indicator is a yellow symbol that gives a signal on the dashboard instrument panel.