Fear of another pandemic, Strongest swine flu virus found in China


Washington: Another bad news has come from China for the world struggling with Coronavirus. In 2009, a new type of virus of swine flu which has caused havoc has been found. This virus is not only very powerful compared to H1N1 but is also able to spread quickly in any environment. According to scientists, this virus can also cause a large epidemic outbreak of corona infection.

A report published in the US Science Journal PNAS claimed that a new virus type of swine flu has been detected, named G4. It is very dangerous for humans and is easily able to turn into an epidemic. The Chinese University and China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention Center have also confirmed the virus to be found. According to the report, from the year 2011 to 2018, scientists have examined more than 30 thousand samples found from the nose of pigs. During this time, scientists have found 179 types of swine flu virus types. But since 2016, a virus type has been found the most, which is very dangerous.

New virus type is very dangerous
According to scientists, the initial symptoms of a person exposed to G4 are fever, cough and cold, but it is spreading rapidly in other people. Its symptoms become increasingly severe and can prove to be very harmful for the human body. The antibodies produced in the body against seasonal flu are not effective against it, which makes it even more dangerous. This can prove successful in making ill the 4.4 percent population of the world in a very short time. This virus is also spread to humans through animals, although it is a matter of concern that it is capable of spreading from humans to humans like the corona.

Scientists issued a warning

According to Dr James Wood, head of the Veterinary Department of Cambridge University, all countries need to keep a close watch on their piggery sites. The risk of such viruses has increased more than ever in the pork and other animal meat industry. Meat of wild animals proves to be more dangerous than frost. New viruses are entering the human body from such meat and giving rise to diseases. This is called zoonotic infection.

WHO alert on corona virus
The number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has crossed 10 million. The World Health Organization believes that the worst form of this epidemic has not yet been revealed. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Gibrios, has said that if the governments around the world do not follow the right policies, then it can infect viruses and people. In a virtual briefing on Monday, Tedros says, ‘We all want this to end. We all want to return to our daily lives. But the bitter truth is that we are still far away from the end of this epidemic. ‘

Tedros said – Although some countries have made progress, the pace of epidemic is increasing at the global level. Even after 100 million cases of infection worldwide and the death of five million people, if we do not solve the problems that we have identified in the World Health Organization, such as lack of national unity, lack of global solidarity, and divided world , Which is helping the virus to spread, then bad times are yet to come. Tedros urged governments to follow the path of Germany, South Korea, and Japan. This includes continuous testing and tracing by these countries.