Airport-like facility at the railway station! New system of train ticket checking started

new railway tkt chaking

New Delhi: Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, a contactless ticket checking system has been implemented at some railway stations of the country to promote contactless ticket checking and social distancing rules. The Prayagraj division has implemented a contactless ticket checking system, like the airport, for the entry of passengers at Prayagraj Railway Station. Thermal screening of all passengers is first done while entering the airport inside the Prayagraj railway station, after which the boarding process starts.

railway tickit cheking

How will the train ticket check now

(1) While booking the train tickets, the URL (link) of a QR Code will be sent from the railway via SMS to the passenger’s mobile. At the time of ticket ticketing while entering the station or while traveling in the train, passengers have to click on the URL of the QR Code available in the SMS. By doing this, the QR on the passenger’s mobile browser The code will start appearing.

(2) During the train journey, the TTE will be able to scan the QR Code shown on the passenger’s mobile from his mobile. QR Code scanners can be downloaded from the free app, Google play store or iOS play store. QR also through hand held terminal. The code is able to be scanned, through which all the details of the passenger’s PNR comes on the TTE’s phone.

(3) Indian Railways will soon implement this system in the entire country for checking reserve tickets. To implement this system, work is being done on the system to generate the QR code of the tickets. QR of reserve tickets at Gorakhpur Junction railway station of Lucknow division. A separate scanner is being used to scan the code.

QR code is scan
During this process at the check-in counter like the airport, as soon as the passenger enters the railway station, the QR code of his ticket will be scanned through a mobile app that gets updated in the software’s database. Also, the time to scan the QR code is also updated in the application. This type of facility is designed to reduce the risk of infection.

Integrated checking kiosk
QR scanner has also been provided to scan the QR code on passenger ticket or mobile. After this, thermal screening is done to measure the temperature of the body. There is a 2way communication system for the interaction between the passenger and staff. Passengers will have to show their tickets and ID cameras to the railway employees. It will be visible to both the passenger and ticket checking staff by dual display. Dashboard facility is also provided to know about the passenger coming at any time.

Railways say that the use of technology ensures the safety of both employees and passengers. This facility will also provide information about how many passengers are present on the platform, which will help in maintaining social distancing. Apart from this, the contactless ticket checking facility also helps in identifying the empty berths in the train, which are sent to the next station for better availability of berths to the passengers.