Action on drug manufacturers, 11 companies banned, 2 locked

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New Delhi: After raising questions on Indian medicines abroad, the central government has started strictness. The investigation campaign regarding the quality of drugs has been intensified by the government. In the last 6 months, 134 pharmaceutical companies in the country have been inspected. The biggest action has been taken by the government in Himachal Pradesh. So far show cause notices have been issued to 26 companies in Himachal Pradesh. Stop production order has been implemented on 11 companies and two pharma companies have been closed.

High official sources of the Union Health Ministry said that since the questions raised on Indian medicines abroad, the DCGI and the State Drug Regulator have intensified the inspection campaign to test the quality of the product. So far 134 pharmaceutical companies have been inspected in three different phases.

In this, data was made of the names of the companies which had a record of producing Not of Standard Quality Drug (NSQ) drug from the states for the last three years. Those companies have been included in these, who failed in NSQ (Not of Standard Quality Drug) more than 11 times during 2019-22.

Himachal Pradesh has a maximum of 51 units in this.

22 in Uttarakhand

Madhya Pradesh: 14

Gujarat: 9

Delhi: 5

Tamil Nadu: 4

Punjab: 4

Haryana : 3

Rajasthan: 2

Karnataka: 2

drug mfg

1-1 pharmaceutical companies have been inspected in West Bengal, Telangana, Puducherry, Kerala, Jammu, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. Show cause notices have been issued to 26 units of Himachal Pradesh.