Clapping is a cure for diseases


In India, the practice of clapping while singing aarti or bhajan is scientific and is very beneficial for the body and health. Clapping not only protects against the attack of diseases, but also cures many diseases. Many diseases can be cured by clapping regularly with hands. If you clap at least 1 or 2 minutes regularly, then there is no need for any type of exercise or rugs.

Constant clapping increases the immunity of disease in the human body due to which the body acquires the ability to avoid the attack of diseases.

From the point of view of acupressure medical science, the palms of the hand have the points of all the internal emission institutions of the body, and when the clapping repeatedly presses on these points, all the internal institutions do their work smoothly by getting energy. – Which makes the body healthy and healthy. Clapping reduces excess body fat. Due to which obesity is reduced, body disorders are destroyed, balance of vata, bile, phlegm is maintained.

The benefit of using this natural means of clapping can be benefited only when unnatural means are not used in our daily routine. When we destroy nature, it also takes revenge on us and turns our nature into a perversion. The deformity is the disease, to be afflicted with the disorder. Clapping is also a symbol of happiness of the mind. For this reason

clap is played in happiness.