Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles Elevates Its Classic Lineup with Enhanced Jawa Perak and Bobber Variants

Jawa Perak

New Delhi: Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles, a stalwart in the Indian motorbike scene, has recently announced a significant update to its beloved motorcycle range. The update includes a revamped Jawa Perak and an expansion of the Jawa 42 Bobber series, both aimed at improving the overall riding experience and making these classic bikes more accessible to enthusiasts.

Jawa Perak: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity
The Jawa Perak has received a substantial makeover, now sporting a sophisticated dual-tone paint job in stealth matte Black and matte Grey, complemented by exquisite brass accents on the tank badging and fuel filler cap. This blend of colors and materials gives the Perak a timeless, vintage charm while maintaining a modern edge. The bike’s comfort is enhanced by a classic quilted tan seat, and the riding position is improved with forward-set foot pegs. The rear mono-shock has also been upgraded for a smoother ride.

Under the hood, the Jawa Perak is powered by a robust 334cc liquid-cooled engine, delivering a potent 29.9 bhp and 30 Nm of torque. Safety and performance are prioritized with large ByBre disc brakes equipped with dual-channel ABS, an Assist & Slip clutch, and a seven-step preload adjustable mono-shock.

Jawa 42 Bobber: Affordable Neo-Retro Excellence
The Jawa 42 Bobber range has been expanded with new variants, including Moonstone White, Mystic Copper, and Jasper Red Dual-Tone, all designed to offer a more affordable entry into the neo-retro motorcycle segment. These models boast premium diamond-cut alloy wheels and modern amenities such as LED lighting, digital instrumentation, USB charging, an adjustable seat, and multiple luggage options, striking a perfect balance between style and practicality.

Pricing Overview
The Jawa Perak and the various Jawa 42 Bobber variants are priced as follows (ex-showroom):

ModelPrice (INR)
Jawa Perak2,13,187
Jawa 42 Bobber, Moonstone White2,09,500
Jawa 42 Bobber, Mystic Copper Spoke Wheel2,12,500
Jawa 42 Bobber, Mystic Copper Alloy Wheel2,18,900
Jawa 42 Bobber, Jasper Red Dual Tone Spoke Wheel2,15,187
Jawa 42 Bobber, Jasper Red Dual Tone Alloy Wheel2,19,950
Jawa 42 Bobber, Black Mirror2,29,500
Jawa Perak

These updates from Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles not only pay homage to the brand’s storied past but also pave the way for its future, promising riders a blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality.