Hero Lectro Energizes Indian E-Cycle Market with Launch of H4 and H7+ Models

Hero Lactro

New Delhi: In a significant boost to the eco-friendly transportation sector, Hero Lectro, a leading player in the electric bicycle segment, has unveiled two innovative e-cycle models, the H4 and H7+, tailored for the Indian consumer market. These models blend modern aesthetics with practical functionality, catering to the evolving demands of Indian riders.

The H4, priced at an introductory offer of ₹32,499, is available in two vibrant color schemes: Mystic Purple and Distance Red. The H7+ model, slightly higher in price at ₹33,499, makes a bold statement with its Lava Red and Storm Yellow Gray hues.

Engineered for the urban landscape, both models redefine short-distance commuting with their detachable 7.8Ah batteries, promising a range of approximately 40 kilometers on a single charge and a charging time of just 4.5 hours.

Safety is paramount with the integration of a key ignition system, adding a layer of security for riders. The H4 emerges as a cost-effective travel solution for small-town dwellers, potentially saving up to ₹40,000 annually on travel expenses. Its versatile unisex frame makes it an ideal choice for riders across all age groups.

The H7+ is crafted for the city commuter, with the potential to cut down around 800 kg of CO2 emissions annually, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional vehicles. Both e-cycles boast a 250W BLDC electric motor and a top speed of 25 km/h, along with an IP67 rating, ensuring resilience against dust and water.

Rider comfort and safety are enhanced with features like an LED display, cushioned seat, chain guard, disc brakes, and anti-skid pedals with reflectors. The H7+ goes a step further with its front suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride across diverse terrains, complemented by MTB tires for superior traction.

Hero Lactro

With these launches, Hero Lectro aims to accelerate the adoption of electric bicycles in India, steering the country towards a greener and more sustainable future.