IIT student commits suicide, wrote suicide note – Papa was stubborn, mother can’t bear it anymore, I Quit


Indore: Sarthak Vijayawat, a promising student of IIT Kharagpur, living in the Lasudia police station area of ​​Indore committed suicide. The father of the student is the NVDA (Narmada Valley Development Authority) Additional Director. The student has written a suicide note and also wrote a two-page suicide note in which many things are mentioned. Sarthak was a second-year student at IIT Kharagpur. He hanged the noose on the balcony. At the end of the suicide note written in English, he has written I QUIT.

Lasudia police station had received information that a youth living in Narmada Colony committed suicide by hanging. When the police reached, it was found that the son of Additional Director Brijesh Vijayawat was posted in the deceased NVDA. He was very promising in his studies. Why did he take this step, even the family members are not able to understand this. When the police started the investigation on the spot, a suicide note was recovered. In this, Sarthak mentioned many things. He wrote that he is very tired. Very upset about some things. The thinking with which he had enrolled in IIT is also not being fulfilled. Along with this, he also mentioned the lack of family communication.

‘Mother, I understand that you will be left alone…’
Sarthak wrote in the suicide note, “Sorry! And what can I say now, only after the expectations with which I had prepared for JEE were broken, everything go bad. Where did I think I would go to campus? I will enjoy Where it got stuck in the online assignments. Probably could have been avoided, many people had a chance but did nothing. Maybe there must be some external motive. Family is also wonderful. Papa stubborn, mother compelled, Vatsalya is innocent. If I take care of whom? Papa, you had to spend a little more time with all of us. Should have talked to us. Even if you used to talk half of what you used to talk to your brothers and sisters, you would have gone on. Mother, I understand that you will be left alone, but can not tolerate it anymore.


Written in the last – ‘I Quit’
The last one was written – Man tha kehne ka to likh diya (I Quit). Police recovered the suicide note and handed over the body to the family after post-mortem. In the preliminary investigation, it has been proved that the deceased was under stress for some time. The result of that was that he mentioned things related to his career and family. He was also under stress for some time due to not being able to open the college.