Bus owners played harp by writing MP Government rule on buffalo


Betul: In Madhya Pradesh, due to the Corona crisis, the wheels of buses are stuck after the lockdown imposed in the month of March. Unlock One Too has started but the wheels of the buses are still stagnant, due to which the bus owners in Betul on Sunday played harp in front of the buffalo by writing Madhya Pradesh rule, the bus owners say that their condition has become similar, They have been demanding a concession from the government for one and a half months, but the government is not ready to listen, their demands have become like singing in front of buffalo.

It is told that at the Betul bus stand, the officials of the bus association brought buffalo and wrote MP rule on it, after which they presented their demand letter in front of it and kept playing the bean for a long time. Bus owners say that in the period of lock down, motor vehicles and tax for the next 6 months should be waived, subsidy on diesel should be Rs 15, fare should be increased by 50 percent.

If there is no availability of passengers on the road, the vehicle should be given the facility of nonpool, the insurance of lock down period should be extended further. The officials of the bus association said that they have been placing their demands in front of the government for three months by various means, but the situation of the government has become like playing bean in front of buffalo, because nothing happens by playing bean in front of buffalo, so today Made buffalo MP’s government and played bean for hours in front of him.