Twitter closed accounts of 70,000 Trump supporters, all QAnon supporters


Washington: Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms have been taking great precautions since the US Parliament violence (US Capitol Riot). Twitter has said that it has suspended about 70000 Twitter accounts sharing the QAnon related content (Pro-Trump QAnon Conspiracy). They were all proclaiming themselves as supporters of Trump and sharing the factless content promoted by Far Right Conspiracy Theory Group Qnon. All of them were trying to justify the attack on Capitol Hill through this content.

Twitter issued a statement saying – In the wake of the violent incidents in Washington and the possibility of spreading it, we are starting to permanently shut down thousands of Twitter accounts which were promoting content related to QAnon. All these accounts were very malicious and sharing the contents of society and all these content are promoted by QAnon Group. We cannot allow such rumors and conspiracy theories to spread, it is very harmful. Explain that through this content, supporters of Trump are promoting that the President is fighting a war against Democrats, Hollywood and alleged ‘Deep State’ people who sexually abuse children. To save them all, a conspiracy is being hatched against Trump.

QAnon supporters

Accounts closing forever
Twitter said on Monday that accounts that share such false content are being closed forever. Especially any account on which content associated with QAnon will be closed immediately. According to the Qinon Group, all the evil forces have united to defeat Trump and God has sent Trump to improve the world. Let us tell you that a new report has revealed that Trump supporters had brought 11 indigenous bombs and some other weapons in a truck in addition to guns for the violence in Capitol Hill. However, due to the early arrival of the National Guard, these people could not enter the Capitol Building with these bombs. On the other hand, American intelligence agencies have also issued an alert that violence may occur before President Elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

Impeachment motion against Trump
The inflammatory statements of outgoing US President Donald Trump are being held responsible. The Democratic Party has presented two impeachment proposals against him in the US Parliament on Monday. It has accused Trump of inciting rebellion and claimed that Trump had instigated violence in the US Parliament. Democrats want to remove him from office on Wednesday by using impeachment or the 25th Amendment in protest against the president for allegedly inciting the attack in the US parliament and forcing rioters into it.