Leaked documents from Pentagon on Internet can cause lots of trouble for America

Pentagon leak

New Delhi: The ghost of the case of documents leaked from America’s Pentagon seems to be raising its head. This appears to be the case after analyzing the disclosures and claims of these documents. The leaking of 100 pages of documents on the Internet is a bigger blow than the leaking of 7 lakh classified documents leaked by Julian Assange ten years ago. These documents, which reveal US plans for Ukraine, the Middle East, and South Korea, seem to have put America already struggling on many fronts in a big crisis and this will affect America’s activities going on around the world. There will be a deep impact.

A lot of information
Most of these documents were either classified or top secret. These contained detailed plans and information on the Ukraine war, the Middle East, China, South Korea, and many other countries. It is being told that this leak happened at a time when Russia had surprised the whole world with an unexpected attack on Ukraine. Whose war continues even today?

Things are very different today
Apart from this, China is stronger than last decade. America’s influence on the Middle East or West Asia is waning and the world’s biggest superpower is now struggling to strike a balance with many countries. In such a situation, leaking America’s plans in this way would be a big blow to it.

Important information about the Ukraine war
The New York Times report states that some of the leaked documents contained important information about Ukraine’s air defense, which would prove to be of great use to Russia. The plan is also mentioned in these documents, under which pressure should be put on South Korea so that it can supply 3.3 lakh weapons to Ukraine.

An important revelation
According to the report, the documents reveal how deeply the US is involved in the Ukraine war on a daily basis. At the same time, a Reuters report says that these documents reveal how the S-300 missile system will be deployed in Ukraine by May 2. Most of these documents were called fake by Ukraine while Russia did not give any official response.

Pentagon leak

What is in the report on Israel
Not only this but there is also a report in a document that Israel’s secret organization Mossad is inciting people to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because they want to control the country’s judiciary. Apart from this, it is also mentioned that America will put pressure on South Korea to give arms to Ukraine.

There are challenges in many places in the world
At present, America is sitting with its feet stuck in many matters of the world where the situation is challenging for it. Apart from Ukraine, it is involved either militarily or diplomatically in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Saudi Arabia. America’s influence here is further weakening due to the successful interference in China’s territory. North Korea and Taiwan are already big issues.

America will now have to work afresh on these plans, but there is also a question as to how it got leaked. Suspicion naturally goes to Russia or China. But the American agency and ministry are considering it more of an internal disturbance. The focus is more on how the leak happened and where did the lapse happen because if not traced it could lead to more problems while other possibilities have not been ruled out. Effect of leaking of similar documents Earlier in 2013, the leak of 7 lakh classified documents leaked by Julian Assange also caused a lot of loss to America.