Harry Potter actor Paul Ritter dies, brain tumor causes death

Harry Potter actor Paul Ritter dies

New Delhi: Actor of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Paul Ritter, is no longer among us. Paul had been fighting a brain tumor for a long time. But eventually, Paul Ye Jung lost and said goodbye to this world. Not only Bollywood, but the whole world is also shocked to hear the news of his sudden demise.

Paul Ritter was 54 years old. And his representative informed the media about his death. Paul was very courageous.

Harry Potter actor Paul Ritter dies

Hearing the news of his demise, James Bond, Nicolas Cage and many other Bollywood stars have posted on their social media accounts mourning.

Paul was an actor who would fit into any character comfortably. His acting people were crazy. It is being said that Paul had never given any information to anyone about his illness. So when he died, he was very much shocking to his fans and loved ones.