Australia’s Melbourne city will end the lockdown on Friday, restrictions will continue

Australia's Melbourne city will end the lockdown

Melbourne: The lockdown period imposed for the fourth time to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, will end on Friday. However, some restrictions will continue even after the lockdown is lifted. 5 million people living in Melbourne will not be allowed to travel to other areas including the nearby Victoria province for the time being.

Melbourne officials said that only one new case of coronavirus infection has been reported in the province during the last 24 hours, in view of which the decision has been taken to end the two-week lockdown. After a new case of Covid-19 was reported in Melbourne, the total number of infected here has increased to 68.

Australia's Melbourne city will end the lockdown

Children will be able to go to school in Melbourne after the lockdown is lifted from Friday. Apart from this, in connection with any non-essential work, people will be allowed to go up to 25 km, which was earlier only 10 km.