After twenty years, German soldiers left Afghanistan, last troop also returned home

German soldiers left Afghanistan

Berlin: Germany’s Defense Minister said that the last contingent of his soldiers also left Afghanistan on Tuesday. German soldiers were stationed there for about twenty years. Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karenbauer said in a tweet that the last remaining soldiers also safely left Afghanistan on Tuesday evening. He thanked the 150,000 soldiers who have been stationed in Afghanistan since 2001 and said that “they can be proud of this mission.

The German military said that these soldiers were leaving for Germany via Tbilisi, Georgia and Brigadier General Ansgar Meyer, the last commander of the German contingent, boarded an ‘Airbus A400M’.

German soldiers left Afghanistan1

It is noteworthy that in support of US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan from May 1, NATO decided to withdraw about 7,000 non-US troops from there.

Then there were about 1,100 German soldiers in Afghanistan. Amid the troops’ departure, around 750 containers full of equipment, including 120 vehicles and six helicopters, have been sent to Germany by sea and land.