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Retail inflation rose to 6.93 percent in July

New Delhi: Retail inflation rose to 6.93 percent in July. Inflation has increased mainly due to an increase in food prices. According to official...

Less than 30 thousand Covid-19 cases came for the first time after four months

New Delhi: Cases of coronavirus infection are declining in the country, but rising cases in some states are raising concerns of the Union Ministry...

Imran Khan targeted America, said – US has ruined everything in Afghanistan

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has questioned the intention of the US to target the 2001 attacks in Afghanistan and then try to...

Tension may increase due to China-Iran’s 25-year agreement, know what is the reason

Beijing: An agreement has been signed between China and Iran for 25 years of economic cooperation. India should be concerned with this agreement for...
jail without a crime

Person spent 43 years in jail without a crime, now court has released

New Delhi: Sometimes there is so much delay in the judicial process that by the time the court's decision comes, the whole life goes...