Rahul Gandhi, shared video by a journalist Ajay Jha, who claimed that his entire family has tested positive and two persons have died


New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, on Tuesday, shared an SOS video by a journalist, who claimed that his entire family has tested positive and two persons have died.

For the millions of my sisters and brothers like Ajay, we share your pain. We will do everything to protect you. We will overcome this together, tweeted by the Congress leader while sharing the video of a journalist, Ajay Jha.

According to the video, the journalist, who is in-home quarantine and a father of two young children, said that his family is in a very difficult situation.

All in my home are positive, my wife, my two daughters. In 10 days, my wife’s father died and two days ago, her mother also died in this house. The body was kept for a long time, but no one picked it up. Then the ambulance came, Mr. Jha said in the video shot on his mobile phone.

He also alleged that nobody is taking the responsibility and everyone is passing the buck.

Arvind Kejriwal and the government are claiming everything is being done but in reality, nothing is being done. Everyone is in God’s hands. We are in a great difficult situation. I have two small children, 9 and 5. My wife is completely shattered – I am trying to be brave. But I need help, I need treatment, Mr. Jha said in the distressing video.

The COVID-19 positive cases are rising in the national capital, and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia stated that if the doubling rate of 12.6, Delhi would have 5.5 lakh cases by July 31.