PM Modi leaves Weibo app amidst border dispute with China

PM Modi leaves Weibo app

New Delhi: Amid deepening border dispute with China, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has removed his account from the micro-blogging Chinese app Weibo. This app was joined by PM Modi in the year 2015. Weibo is also included in the list of 59 apps that have recently been banned by the Indian government. Now all the posts uploaded in PM Modi’s account on this app have also been deleted.

Special rules to delete VIP account
Significantly, some special rules have been made to remove VIP accounts on the Weibo app. It is being said that there was a delay in giving permission from the app to remove this account. So far 115 videos were posted by PM Modi on this app. After mutual consent, it was decided that all these posts would be deleted. After much efforts, only 113 videos could be deleted. But now all the posts have been deleted.

There were problems in deleting two posts
Two posts that could not be deleted were the photo of PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is being said that it was not possible for Weibo to delete the photo of its President. This is the reason why both these pictures were still visible on PM Modi’s account. PM Modi has 2 lakh, 44 thousand followers, on this account.

Before Modi’s visit, PM Modi had joined the app
While joining this app in 2015, PM Modi had expressed the hope that relations between the two countries would be more cordial. This account was created shortly before PM Modi’s visit to China in 2015. PM also spoke about the old cultural relations between the two countries.