Passenger slaps Indigo co-pilot over 13-hour flight delay, faces legal action and possible travel ban

Passenger slaps Indigo co-pilot

New Delhi: A shocking incident of violence took place at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi on Sunday evening when a passenger slapped the co-pilot of an Indigo Airlines flight that was delayed by 13 hours. The passenger, identified as Sahil Kataria, was enraged by the long wait and vented his frustration on the co-pilot, Anup Kumar, who was trying to explain the reason for the delay to the passengers.

The co-pilot complained to the airport police, who registered an FIR against Sahil under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Aircraft Act. Sahil has been booked for causing hurt, wrongful restraint, public nuisance, and assaulting a member of the aircrew. He faces imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of up to Rs 1,000 for causing hurt, imprisonment of up to one month and a fine of up to Rs 500 for wrongful restraint, and a fine of up to Rs 200 for public nuisance. He also faces action under Aircraft Rule 22, which empowers the pilot-in-command to deboard any passenger who physically or verbally attacks, intimidates, or obstructs a member of the aircrew during duty. Moreover, the airline may also ban Sahil from future air travel as part of its policy against unruly passengers.

Passenger slaps Indigo co-pilot

The flight 6E 2175 from Delhi to Goa was scheduled to depart at 5:30 pm on Sunday but was delayed due to technical issues and bad weather. The passengers were kept waiting at the airport for hours, without any proper communication from the airline staff. Some of the passengers also alleged that they were not provided with food or water during the wait. The flight finally took off at 6:30 am on Monday, after a delay of 13 hours. The airline has apologized for the inconvenience caused to the passengers and has assured that it will take appropriate action against the passenger who slapped the co-pilot.