NTA’s Changing Stories on NEET UG Exam 2024 Irregularities Raise Eyebrows in Supreme Court

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New Delhi: On Thursday, the Supreme Court delved into the alleged irregularities and paper leaks surrounding the NEET UG Exam 2024. To avoid a re-examination, the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the government presented numerous arguments, which have been met with skepticism by the petitioners.

Persistent Discrepancies: Petitioners’ Lawyer Dheeraj Singh Speaks Out

Dheeraj Singh, the petitioners’ lawyer, voiced concerns over the shifting arguments the NTA and the government presented. Singh highlighted that the defense continuously introduces new narratives to prevent a re-NEET, further complicating the issue. During the hearing, the NTA introduced several new facts that Singh scrutinized.

Changing Numbers: Questioning the Toppers and Marks Distribution

One of the pivotal points raised by Singh involved the changing number of toppers. Initially, 67 toppers were identified, but this number dropped to 61 after a re-evaluation. Additionally, Singh pointed out that 44 candidates received compensatory marks due to an incorrect question, which skewed their scores to 715 marks. These inconsistencies, Singh argued, underscore the need for a transparent re-examination process.

NTA’s Defense: Telegram Controversy and Denial of Paper Leak

The NTA’s stance was further complicated by the controversy surrounding information shared on Telegram. Singh stated that the government and NTA dismissed this information as edited to avoid re-NEET. However, the petitioners submitted this data to the court, prompting the Supreme Court to order a forensic investigation to uncover the truth.

Denial of Paper Leaks in Patna and Sawai Madhopur

In a surprising twist, the NTA denied any paper leaks in Patna and Sawai Madhopur, despite previously acknowledging the leaks on their website at 4:25 pm. This contradiction was solidified through an affidavit, raising further doubts about the NTA’s transparency.

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Next Hearing Set for July 18: Awaiting the Supreme Court’s Verdict

As the case unfolds, the Supreme Court has scheduled the next hearing for July 18. Singh expressed concern that these developments represent a significant setback for candidates advocating for a re-NEET. The upcoming hearing will be crucial in determining the Supreme Court’s stance on these contentious issues.

Stay tuned as we follow this high-stakes case, which could potentially reshape the future of the NEET UG Exam 2024 and its administration.