GoFirst has now canceled May 5 flights, did not follow guidelines related to civil aviation


New Delhi: Go First Airlines has canceled all its flights for May 5 after May 3-4. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has already issued a show-cause notice to GoFirst. GoFirst is insolvent and the company’s board has given permission to start the process of its resolution. According to the show cause notice sent by DGCA, the company has canceled the flights on 3-4 dates without giving any notice.

After the notice was sent to GoFirst, the company told DGCA that it will not operate the aircraft till the 3-5th. Earlier, DGCA had sent a notice to GoFirst asking why the company canceled the flights without notice and permission. Keeping in view the interests of passengers, it is mandatory to take permission from DGCA before canceling any flight.

Violate any rules
DGCA had said in the notice that Goes First had not given any valid reason for canceling its flights. The company did not take necessary permissions before canceling its flights and it is failing to follow the rules. For this reason, the company has clearly violated Section 3, Series M, and Part 4 of the Civil Aviation Rules.

Go First

The company has said that the airline was forced to cancel 28 of its flights. According to Go First Pratt & Whitney’s, this happened because of the engines being made available. The company says that along with this economic challenges were also in front of us. The airline’s CEO Kaushik Khona has said that applying for voluntary bankruptcy resolution proceedings is an unfortunate decision, but it was necessary to do so keeping in mind the interests of the company. However, the company has said that it will provide a refund to all the passengers. If the booking is done directly with GoFirst, the money will be directly credited to the account. On the other hand, if the ticket is booked through an agent, the money will go to him and passengers can get a refund from there.