Dwayne Bravo gave MS Dhoni a birthday gift by special Song “Helicopter 7”

Dwayne Bravo and MSD

In the IPL, Chennai Super Kings and West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo fulfilled his promise and released a special song made for him on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s birthday. Dhoni is celebrating his 39th birthday on 7 July 2020 today. Bravo has released this song, giving him this special gift on Dhoni’s 39th birthday. This special song composed for Dhoni describes the journey of Dhoni from Ranchi to the World Cup winner. Bravo, sharing this song with his official Instagram account, wrote that he has fulfilled his promise.

This Bravo song made on Dhoni is very much liked by the fans and the fans are also commenting fiercely on it. While releasing this song, Bravo wrote on his Instagram – The wait is over. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a great inspiration to many of you all over the world. We are ready to celebrate your birthday. In this song of Bravo, the journey of Dhoni’s ticket checker is also mentioned.