Bhupinder Singh Mann withdrew from the committee set up by the Supreme Court


New Delhi: Bhupinder Singh Mann, who is part of the four-member committee constituted by the Supreme Court to find a solution to the Kisan Andolan, has decided to withdraw his name from this committee.

In a press statement issued by the Bharatiya Kisan Union, Bhupinder Singh Mann said on behalf of the Hon’ble Supreme Court to nominate me to a 4-member committee to negotiate with the farmer unions on the three agricultural laws brought by the central government. I am grateful As a farmer and a union leader myself, I am ready to leave any post not to compromise the interests of Punjab or farmers, given the feelings and apprehensions between the farmers unions and the general public. I am removing myself from the committee and I will always stand with my farmers and Punjab ‘.


Actually, the Supreme Court has formed a four-member committee to resolve the dispute in this case. The committee consists of Bhupinder Singh Mann (Chairman Beckyu), Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi (International Food Policy Research Institute), Ashok Gulati (Agricultural Economist) and Anil Dhanwat (Shivkeri Organization, Maharashtra).