63 thousand crores cut in the army budget, 2.15 lakh crores were demanded, only 1.52 lakh crores were received

army budget

New Delhi: According to big news, the Standing Committee on Defense of the Parliament has presented a report on the budget provision of the army in the Lok Sabha. It is in this report that in the year 2022-23, there was a provision of Rs 2.15 lakh crore for the army under the capital head, but so far only Rs 1.52 lakh crore has been allocated in the allocation.

It is worth noting that with this money arms, ammunition, etc. are purchased. So at the same time, the committee has described it as very dangerous amid the ongoing tension on the border with China.

Know that the capital head is the most important part in terms of the strength of the army. With this, the army buys arms, ammunition, fighter planes, etc. for itself. The chairman of this committee is BJP MP Jual Oraon. At the same time, 30 MPs including Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar are its members.

The committee also informed that the Army had demanded Rs 46,844 crore, but it has received only Rs 32,115 crore. Similarly, the Air Force has got only Rs 56,852 crore instead of Rs 85,323 crore, while the Navy has got Rs 47,591 crore instead of Rs 67,623 crore. Similarly, in the year 2021-22, only Rs 53 thousand crores to the Air Force, 36 thousand crores to the Army, and Rs. 33 thousand crores were received.

army budget

Along with this, the committee has now considered the proposal of the cabinet note, in which it has also been said to create a separate fund for military modernization. Significantly, India’s tension with China is still continuing since the military skirmish in Galvan Valley in June 2020. Although 15 rounds of talks have been held between the two countries to establish peace till now, there is still no talk on establishing complete peace.

There are also speculations that China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi may now come to India soon. It is also to be said that Wang may come on March 24. It is also being told that China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet Foreign Minister S Jaishankar.