know who was Ahilyabai Holkar and her contribution to humanity and religion

Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar

New Delhi: The birth anniversary of Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar is celebrated every year on 31st May. This time his 299th birth anniversary is being celebrated. She has always been remembered as a brave, self-centered, fearless woman. She was one of the best warrior queens of her time, who was always ready to protect her subjects. Not only this, the Maratha Malwa kingdom had earned a lot of fame during his reign. The queen, who worked for the public interest, also got many Hindu temples constructed, which are still worshiped today.

Ahilyabai Holkar was such a strong woman and queen whose life was very inspiring. Born in a small village in Maharashtra, Ahilyabai struggled a lot in her life. Ahilyabai Holkar was the queen of Malwa.

Apart from being a great warrior and skilled archer, Ahilyabai was also visionary and religious. Indian culture got a new dimension during his tenure. Ahilyabai Holkar Jayanti is celebrated every year on 31st May. Let’s know Ahilyabai Holkar’s life introduction and history of Ahilyabai Holkar-

In Ahilyabai Holkar’s life introduction, we will first learn about her childhood. Ahilyabai Holkar, who was born on 31 May 1725, made an unprecedented contribution to the Maratha Empire. His father Mankoji Shinde was a very simple personality. Father always used to teach his daughter to move forward. Which also had a deep impact on his life. In this period, women did not know how to read and write, nor were they given education, but still Mankoji Rao gave proper education to his daughter Ahilyabai.

At the age of just 8, she was married to Khanderao Holkar. Khanderao was the son of Malharrao Holkar, the founder of Indore. In 1745 AD, at the age of 20, she gave birth to a son, whose name was Malerao. After 3 years in 1748, Ahilyabai Holkar gave birth to a girl named Muktabai.

Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar

Ahilyabai Holkar had increased the respect of her husband Khanderao manifold. Because Ahilyabai’s husband Khanderao’s father Malharrao was a great ruler, then gradually Khanderao also emerged as a strong soldier in his company. His wife had an important contribution to this.

Malharrao had started teaching work not only to his son but also to his daughter-in-law. Malharrao used to be very happy seeing all this. If anyone in India did the maximum work of upliftment of Hindu culture and reconstruction of temples, it was Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar. Even today the Hindu society is in their favor. In her lifetime, Ahilyabai had got the temple, Dharamshala, roads, wells, step wells, pyau, etc constructed on a large scale. He also got food fields constructed at various places so that no one sleeps hungry.

Ahilyabai had also got the road constructed from Kolkata to Banaras. Apart from this, the temple of Annapurna Mata in Banaras, the temple of Lord Vishnu was built in Gaya ji. Many temples were built by Queen Ahilyabai at world-famous and culturally important places like Kashi, Mathura, Gayaji, Ayodhya, Haridwar, Dwarka, Jagannath, Badrinarayan, and Rameswaram.