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Drone to deliver groceries, pilot project of Swiggy started in Delhi-Bangalore

New Delhi: Online food delivery company Swiggy has decided to use drones to further improve its delivery service. The company has said that it...
lata mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar’s health deteriorated, then shifted to ventilator

Mumbai: Swara Nightingale and Bharat Ratna 92-year-old Lata Mangeshkar's condition has become very critical. For the last 27 days, he is admitted to Breach...

Petrol Price Hiked Over Rs 10 in Two Months. Know Fuel Rates

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices remain unchanged on Friday after yesterday’s hike. The fuel prices across the nations saw a massive increase as...

Hotstar Specials Moving In With Malaika | Streaming Tonight | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Icons Only! ✨ Catch the electrifying duo of Farah and Malaika on #HotstarSpecials #MovingInWithMalaika, starts streaming ... source
adobe ps Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera app now available

When it comes to photo or video editing, it is impossible to not recall the name – Adobe. The company offers great tools for...
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