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Musk found not liable over ‘funding secured’ tweets

A U.S. jury found Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his company were not liable for misleading investors when Musk tweeted in 2018 that ... source
Imran khan speech

In political drama in Pakistan, Imran Khan said – I surprised the opposition

Islamabad: Politics is continuously heating up in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan has managed to save his chair and government. On the advice of...
Gulzar Ahmed-imran khan

Imran Khan proposed former Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed as caretaker prime minister

Islamabad: Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed was on Monday nominated for the post of caretaker prime minister by Imran Khan amid the...

Tomato hits century in South India

New Delhi: Retail prices of tomatoes have touched Rs 140 per kg in some parts of South India as supplies are affected due to...

J-Hope of BTS to begin mandatory military service

BTS star J-Hope begins enlisting for military service in South Korea, two months after the group's oldest member, Jin, began his ... source
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