BMC’s announcement, Chhath pooja not allowed in public places

Chhat puja Mumbai
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Mumbai: Amidst the coronavirus crisis, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in Mumbai has banned the conduct of Chhath Puja in public places. The BMC has stated that Chhatha Puja cannot be held on the banks of rivers by the beach or by the pond in Mumbai. Explain that even in the capital Delhi, the public holding of Chhath Puja is not allowed. However, on November 20, the Delhi government has declared a public holiday.

Chhath Puja will be held across the country on November 20. On this day, fasting people will give the first argha to the setting sun. Lok Parva Chhath of UP-Bihar has been organized in different parts of the country, but, considering the Corona crisis, the state governments are taking precaution this time.

Chhat puja Mumbai
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On the other hand, organizations of North Indians living in Ahmedabad and Surat in Gujarat on Tuesday appealed to the people not to observe Chhath Puja along rivers and reservoirs in view of the Corona virus epidemic. These organizations have asked people to perform Chhath Puja at their homes. Celebrate on.

Lalit Jha, trustee of the local ‘Chhath Mahaparva Organizing Committee’, said, “In view of the corona virus epidemic, the people of North India living in Ahmedabad have been appealed not to go to the Sabarmati river or any other place for Chhath festival. . They have been asked to hold it in their own homes. “

Jha said that crowds of people gathering on Chhath Puja can be dangerous from the point of view of Kovid-19, as about one lakh people gather on the river banks every year during this festival.

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In Surat too, the organizers of Chhath Puja have made a similar appeal to the people. This festival is also held on the banks of river Tapi and other places in Surat.
The organizers have put up posters at various places along the Tapi river and informed the devotees that Chhath Puja will not be organized this time. About one million North Indians live in Ahmedabad, while in Surat their number is close to eight lakh.