US decreasing number of troops in Germany to 25K, affirms Trump


Washington: The United States will decrease its troop strength in Germany from the almost 52,000 at present to 25,000, President Donald Trump has said here.

In an association with correspondents at the White House on Monday, Trump credited the transition to significant expenses and Germany being “reprobate” in its installment to NATO.

“We have 52,000 fighters in Germany. That is a gigantic measure of warriors. It’s a colossal expense to the United States and Germany, as you most likely are aware, is reprobate in their installments to NATO.

“They are paying one percent and they should be a two percent. And afterward two percent is extremely low. It ought to be significantly more than that. So they are reprobate of billions of dollars,” Trump claimed.

“Along these lines, we’re putting the number down to 25,000 fighters. We’ll see what occurs, however Germany has not been making installments. Notwithstanding that, I was the one that brought it up. Everyone discusses Trump with Russia. Indeed, I brought this up quite a while prior. For what reason is Germany paying Russia billions of dollars for vitality and afterward we should shield Germany from Russia? How accomplishes that work? It doesn’t work,” the US president said.

US warriors, he stated, are paid well. “They live in Germany. They go through huge measures of cash in Germany. Wherever around those bases is exceptionally prosperous for Germany. Along these lines, Germany takes. And afterward on it, they treat us gravely on exchange. We have exchange with the EU, Germany being the greatest part, and extremely, severely on exchange and we are haggling with them on that. Be that as it may, at the present time, I’m not happy with the arrangement they need to make,” Trump said.

“They’ve cost the United States several billions of dollars throughout the years on exchange,” he said.

The US secures them and afterward they exploit America on exchange, the president said.

“So we are chipping away at an arrangement with them, yet it’