The process of impeachment against Trump will begin this week

Democratic Party members want former President to be held responsible


Washington: The historic process of impeachment against Donald Trump, the former President of the US, is scheduled to begin this week. Democratic Party members want Trump to be held responsible for the violent mob mob attack on the US Capitol, while members of the Republican Party are quick to follow Hoping to end soon.

The impeachment will begin on Tuesday, about a month after the attack on the Parliament House. This time the process is unlikely to be as complex and lengthy as the earlier proceedings, in which Trump was acquitted a year ago. He was then accused of forcing Ukraine into dragging his then-rival Joe Biden into controversy. This time Trump had called his supporters to “fight” at the January 6 rally, and the world saw what happened after that in the US Capitol. It is possible that this time too, the trumps will come out immaculate, but this time the hearing is expected to be finished in half time than before.

The proceedings are currently being discussed in detail among Senate leaders. It is estimated that a small number of witnesses will be called during this time as prosecutors and defense lawyers will speak directly to the senators. Many senators have been witnesses of that attack and had to flee for their own safety. The defense lawyers have denied Trump’s request for testimony.

Trump will be the first President of the United States to face the process of impeachment twice. He will be the first president to face a hearing after leaving the White House.