Indian-American Innovators from Bihar Celebrated at ‘Bihar Diwas’ in New York

Indian-American Innovators

New York: In a grand celebration of ‘Bihar Diwas’, four distinguished Indian-American entrepreneurs and professionals were felicitated for their exceptional achievements and contributions to society. The prestigious ‘Bihar Vishwa Gaurav Samman’ was presented to these individuals at an event organized by the Consulate General of India in New York, in collaboration with the Bihar Foundation USA, East Coast Chapter, and the Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA).

Honorees and Their Contributions:

  • Dr. Kris Singh, Founder and CEO of Holtec International, was honored for his pioneering work in nuclear waste management. A holder of 170 U.S. patents and numerous international patents, Dr. Singh has been a trailblazer in the industry for over three decades.
  • Amit Choudhary, COO of Wipro, received recognition for his leadership and the embodiment of the collective spirit of Bihar, emphasizing the region’s transformative growth.
  • Dr. Dinesh Ranjan, founder of PRAN Medical Group, was commended for addressing the urgent healthcare needs of Bihar’s underprivileged population.
  • Abhinave Atul, Director at Nutrivet Farmcare, was celebrated for his efforts to make pet medications more accessible and affordable.

Commitment to Bihar’s Development:

Dr. Singh expressed his dedication to introducing sustainable green energy solutions to Bihar, highlighting a significant investment of Rs 3,000 crore in the sector. Amit Choudhary echoed the sentiment of progress with the phrase, “Bihar badalega, Bihar badal raha hai” (Bihar will change, Bihar is changing).

Praise from Consulate Leadership:

Consul General Binaya Pradhan praised the honorees and reminisced about Bihar’s historical prominence in India’s political, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual domains. He paid homage to Bihar’s legacy, from the ancient scholar Aryabhata to the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Indian-American Innovators

Spotlight on Economic Growth:

Alok Kumar, Chairman of the Bihar Foundation US East Coast, underscored the burgeoning economic and investment potential in Bihar, particularly in the information technology sector, with companies like Tiger Analytics and HCL Technology expanding their presence in the region.

This event not only recognized the individual achievements of the honorees but also shone a light on the ongoing contributions of the Indian-American diaspora from Bihar to their homeland and their adopted countries.