Imran Khan blamed women wearing fewer clothes for sexual violence, now he is being criticized


Islamabad: Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has once again given a controversial statement. In an interview, Imran Khan has blamed women wearing fewer clothes for sexual violence. Imran Khan has also advised women to stay in ‘purdah’. During this interview, Imran Khan has said that ‘Women wearing short clothes will affect men’.

Wearing fewer clothes will affect men:
In a recent interview with HBO Axios, when the journalist asked Imran Khan a question on a case of conviction of a rape victim in Pakistan, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan said in response, a woman wears very few clothes, then it will affect the men because they are not robots. It is a matter of common sense.

Again given explanation
Soon after his statement, Imran Khan clarified that he has never commented on the rape victim. Rather, he had only said that ‘The system of veils is to avoid being tempted in the society. Imran Khan told in this interview that, although there are no discos or nightclubs in Pakistan and there is a completely different society, where the way of living is different. If you increase the temptation here and the youth will not have a chance to go anywhere. Now some of its results will come out.


Now Imran Khan is being criticized
Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan is now being heavily criticized for his statement that women wear fewer clothes. This statement of his is becoming increasingly viral on the internet, and reactions are coming on social media regarding this statement worldwide. At the same time, opposition parties in Pakistan are criticizing him. According to a report, on Imran Khan’s statement, Pakistan Muslim League spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb called Imran sick and anti-women.