Elon Musk boon for Ukraine, amid Ukraine war, small dish restored high speed internet


Kiev: Elon Musk is no less than a boon for Ukraine, which is facing war imposed by Russia. Due to the Russian attack, where electricity, communication, internet, mobile signals have all come to a standstill in all areas of Ukraine, with the help of small satellite terminals made by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, people in remote areas of Ukraine can use the internet. are able to do. Usually, long wires are laid under the sea for the Internet, but Musk’s company has prepared the technology to provide internet service anywhere through satellite. Satellite terminals are part of this.

Kristina Berdynskykh, a journalist from Ukraine, has tweeted a picture. In this picture of Ivankiev village near Kyiv, some people are gathering at one place and running their mobiles. A small satellite dish is kept in the middle. Christina wrote in the tweet, “This is the power of Elon Musk! Electricity, mobile communication and internet facilities have been destroyed in Ivankiv and thanks to Starlink, people here are able to contact their near and dear ones for the first time.

Internet giving since the war
After the war started, a Ukrainian minister requested Elon Musk to provide internet facilities there. Soon after, on February 26, Musk’s company SpaceX activated its Starlink service in Ukraine. The company has installed its satellite in low orbit in space to provide high-speed internet there. This week the US Agency for International Development (USAID) reported that it has sent 5,000 Starlink terminals to Ukraine so that people can use the Internet.

America spent big money
New York Times reporter Joi Roulett claimed that SpaceX donated 3667 Internet terminals to Ukraine, worth more than $10 million. The company is also giving free 3 months data with it. But the US newspaper Washington Post revealed on Saturday that even though Starlink is claiming that it has not received any money from the US government to send internet terminals to Ukraine, this is not true. The US government has spent about two million dollars on buying these terminals and sending them to Ukraine. The report claims that USAID has purchased 1333 terminals for $1,500.