Biden seeks $100 billion aid for Israel and Ukraine, says their victory is vital for US security

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Washington: In a televised address to the nation on Thursday night, US President Joe Biden made a strong case for supporting Israel and Ukraine in their ongoing conflicts with Hamas and Russia, respectively. He said that ensuring their victory is “important for America’s national security” and that he will ask the US Congress to approve a $100 billion military aid package for them next year.

Biden, who spoke from the ‘Oval Office’, the formal workplace of the US President, said that both Israel and Ukraine are facing “different threats” from Hamas and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, who wants to “destroy democracy in the neighboring countries”. He said that the US and its allies are working to create a better future for the countries of West Asia through new initiatives like the India-West Asia Economic Corridor, which will boost trade and connectivity in the region.

Biden warned that if the international community does not act against the aggression of Hamas and Putin, “conflict and chaos are likely to spread to other countries in the world”. He said the US has a moral obligation to stand with its friends and partners who share its values and interests.

The $100 billion aid proposal will be made public on Friday and will include funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, humanitarian aid, and border management. Biden said this will be a “good investment” that will benefit American security for many generations.

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Biden’s address came a day after he visited Israel, where he expressed solidarity with the country waging a war against Hamas and advocated providing more humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. He also spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday and reaffirmed America’s commitment to providing assistance to Kyiv.