37 charges against Donald Trump made public. If convicted, Trump could be sentenced to one year in prison

Donald Trump

Washington: The allegations against former US President Donald Trump have been made public. Trump has been indicted for a total of 37 crimes. Including the details of the Pentagon’s ‘attack plan’ and also the allegation of sharing a secret map related to a military operation. The list of Trump’s allegations that came out on Friday can give a new color to the 2024 Presidential Election in America. A day before this, about 9000 obscene photographs of Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, were made public by a right-wing group.

According to the indictment imposed on Trump, he wrongfully kept sensitive information in his possession. He has also been accused of defying the Department of Justice. Who had demanded the return of those confidential documents? Despite this, Trump took him from the White House to his residence Mar-a-Lago. Trump also involved his assistants in his efforts to hide these confidential records. Even Trump had told his lawyers that he wanted to defy a subpoena to return classified material kept in his residence.

Secret documents were also shown to the guests
According to the indictment on Trump, one of Trump’s lawyers said of the former president that he said ‘I don’t want anybody looking at my boxes.’ He also asked if it would be better ‘if we told them That we have nothing here.’ The bulk of the indictment against Trump is based on his own statements and actions and the statements of his lawyers, close aides, and other witnesses. The detailed indictment, totaling nearly 50 pages, says Trump not only knowingly withheld classified documents, but also showed them to guests.


Trump may be sentenced to one year in prison
The indictment on Trump includes 37 cases. These include willful possession of national defense information, obstruction of government efforts to obtain it, and making a false statement. If convicted of these, Trump can be sentenced to one year in jail. Trump is scheduled to appear in court for the first time on Tuesday in federal court in Miami, where the case was filed. Trump was charged along with his aide and close advisor, Walt Nauta. Prosecutors say they brought boxes of classified documents from a strong room to Trump’s residence and later lied to investigators about it.