WhatsApp: what will change in the new privacy policy, and what will not! Learn here


WhatsApp is once again in the discussion about its new privacy policy. Facebook’s company WhatsApp is explaining its controversial privacy policy. The company is making another attempt to tell users that not much is really changing for users. After the implementation of the policy, what is changing and what is not changing for users on WhatsApp, let us know everything about it here…

what will not
  • What’s not changing: The company has clarified that all media and media files shared between users will remain encrypted end-to-end. This means that neither WhatsApp nor its parent company Facebook will be able to read your message.
  • Talking about business, it will be optional. This means that your choice is whether you want to share your number with a brand/company or not.
  • WhatsApp has insisted that the company will not share the contact of users with the business. The company also claims that the policy prevents the business from contacting users without approval.
  • WhatsApp expands the new policy saying, ‘It is up to the user whether you share your number with a business or not and you can block a business at any time.’
  • WhatsApp does not allow third-party banner ads on its platform. But if the company ever does this, then this privacy policy will be updated.
  • The company says, ‘For your exciting new terms and service, WhatsApp does not extend its ability to share user data with its parent company Facebook.’

What’s changing:

  • You will be able to contact more business on WhatsApp to work faster than phone or email.
  • This is completely optional, the company says that WhatsApp will not share the number of users with any company / brand on its behalf.
  • Often people find the button on Facebook or Instagram, which you can click to message them using WhatsApp.
  • If you choose to click on these ads on Facebook, it can be used to personalize the ads you see. Facebook and WhatsApp cannot see encrypted messages end-to-end.
  • To continue using their WhatsApp account, users need to adopt a new policy. If users do not opt ​​for the new deadline, ie new privacy policy by May 15, then they will not be able to use their WhatsApp account any further.