Top Reasons to Live Stream on StreamKar


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  If visual content is something that people feel strongly about, then StreamKar is the app for them. This live streaming application is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, where it has generated over 50 million downloads. This Indian-based start-up is a product of Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and it receives investments from the leading U.S.-based mobile internet company Tipping Points Technology Limited.

Live streaming is going strong, with no signs of stopping

Live streaming is the best marketing tool people can use to build their brand and expand their online presence. According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, India’s video streaming industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 21.82% to clock Rs. 11,977 crores by 2023. The ripple effects of this medium are felt on a global stage today as the live streaming industry gains ground in India. It has found a special place among the desi international audience, so much so that during the global pandemic, even the behemoth social media platforms adapted their algorithms for live streaming, and influencers joined this bandwagon without any hiccups. 


Take a look at the top reasons why one should live stream on StreamKar:

Live streaming for one and all
The live streaming market is expansive and inclusive of people from all backgrounds. While some live stream as an ordinary hobby, others do it professionally and stand to gain financially. A corporate job is no longer the only means of earning an income. Influencers can drive organic traffic to their streams and benefit monetarily.

Wide variety of content
Influencers and content creators can live to stream anything and everything under the umbrella that is the live streaming industry. From streaming gaming and sports videos to showcase one’s talent and skills, people can optimize this platform to the best of their abilities. Creators can also branch out to explore topics on entertainment, education, and world affairs to satiate the audience’s thirst for knowledge.

Explore and expand
On par with social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, the StreamKar platform is a boon to digital creators. This portal allows them to connect with other streamers and expand their target audience. Therefore, building a strong fan base is just one stream away. People are no longer just passive absorbers of online content. Instead, they are active participants in creating real-time broadcasts and connecting with the audience. If content creators want their talent to reach the masses, then live streaming is the best way to make their content accessible to a vast audience without any geographical constraints.

Ease and convenience
There is a strong demand for live streaming services today. It is a safe bet that requires a little investment, including little to no production and editing expense, enabling streamers to make a fortune in the long run. The ease at which people can live stream today is unparalleled. It is also convenient to live stream from the comfort of a home and still be able to reach people through powerful, engaging, and entertaining content. All one needs is a laptop or a mobile phone device to stream. Since most consumers view almost half of all video content on their smartphones, it would only take a nudge to attract them to a flourishing live stream.

Privacy and security
Privacy is the primary concern while broadcasting on a platform as huge as StreamKar. This 24×7 live streaming platform prioritizes user safety, as should any live streaming service. Committed to consumer well-being, StreamKar monitors the use of profanities to protect its virtual community.