Government will soon launch Messages and Communications App “Sandesh our Samvad”


New Delhi: In view of the ongoing controversy over data privacy and the stubborn attitude of social messaging app WhatsApp, the Indian government has decided to teach the company a lesson. The government is about to launch indigenous messaging app ‘Sandesh’ and ‘Samvad’. According to the Union Ministry of Information and Technology, testing of the beta version of both the apps has started.

A ministry official said, “Like India, the country is testing two indigenous messaging apps on beta. They are called Samvad and Sandes, which literally means ‘conversation’ and ‘message’. ” He said, “It is completely indigenous and is being made by the Government of India. It’s an instant messaging app, just like WhatsApp. “


According to a media report, the app created by the government will work exactly like WhatsApp. Along with this, the government is also working on GIMS-Government Instant Messaging App. Which will be used by the employees of the Government of India to talk to each other. ”

Work started before the WhatsApp controversy
According to sources, “the government has been in need of a native messaging app for the last several days. An app that is a completely indigenous independent and self-owned instant messaging app. The work of creating both apps started even before the WhatsApp controversy. ” According to sources, the main purpose of creating this app is to prevent data theft as well as prevent its use for commercial gain like big tech companies. ”

Just start work
According to the report, it has not been decided yet whether the government will launch both the apps or one of the two. However, testing is currently underway on both beta versions, which is the initial version of any app.