Google for India event: YouTube Shorts launched, know highlights

google for India

New Delhi: The Google for India event is over. YouTube Shorts has been launched in this program. Also, it has been announced in the event that new features will be added to Google Classroom, which will be of great use to the students. Apart from this, Google Career Certificate has also been announced.

Google for India 2021 Highlights

  • Digital certificate course has been started by Google. Its fees range from Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000. For this, Google has started a scholarship program with NASSCOM Foundation and Tech Mahindra.
  • Short video platform YouTube Shorts has been launched in India by Google. Where users will be able to make videos of 60 or less seconds. Short videos can be made by clicking on the plus button of YouTube mobile. Many video clips will be found here.
  • Google Pay will be given a new My Shop feature. Where small shopkeepers will be able to showcase all their inventory on Goole Pay App.
  • According to the Vice President of Google Pay, about 15 billion digital transactions are being done every year through the Google Pay app. Group Payment Feature will soon be supported by Google. Meaning many people in a group will be able to make payments. Google will support Hinglish language in Google Pay in the year 2022. Google will be the first UPI payment platform to do so.
  • According to Google’s Product Manager Nofar Peled Levi, Google is constantly working to deliver climate change and weather updates in a fast pace. People are being given rear time information.
  • According to the IMD update from Google, alerts are being sent to people’s phones. Flood is a big problem in India, to avoid which Google is helping people along with the government.
  • Google AI Research Lab is providing health facilities to women in rural areas. For this, Google has started the Mitra program for social goods program, under which health workers provide help to pregnant women. As well as their data collection work.
  • AI has become an important part of our life. It is making our complex work easy. AI is a great tool. It is helping to improve health along with the environment. For this, in 2019, Google created AI Research Lab. So that AI can be used for social goods. Google is supporting 18 AI based products in India.
  • Google Classroom is being added with new features to promote digital education. By which students will be able to download the study material. Whenever they are free or internet is present. Practical problem feature will now be supported in Google search. So that students can easily find their problem on google. Along with this, free learning courses are being increased.
  • 50% of the users were unable to access the internet due to expensive smartphones. In such a situation, in order to connect the internet to the user, Google has taken the first step of connecting all Indians to the internet by partnering with Jio. So that users can get cheap and secure JioPhone Next smartphone at a low price. For this, Google has created PragatiOS for special Indians. Where people can search anything by speaking.
  • A new campaign has been started by Google, so that users will be able to search search results in local language. Meaning users will be able to search their search results in Hindi keywords. Google believes that this will strengthen online education.
  • Prabhakar Raghavan said that Google is working towards making the Internet as easy as possible in India. So that people can get benefit from it. Internet is being made available to 600 million internet users of India in their local language. During the pandemic, the process of certification from online slot booking to COVID-19 vaccination was made available in the local language. Also, its support is being given in the local language.
  • Rajiv Chandrashekhar introduced the Digital India vision of India. He said that our priority is to improve connectivity in the country. Along with this, people have to connect with online platforms. We are going to implement the international level cyber law in the country for the consumers and investors. He said that we believe that there is a great need for skill and training for a 1 trillion dollar economy.
  • Rajiv Chandrashekhar said that Google has contributed a lot to India’s Digital India campaign. It is expected that India will emerge as the leading country in the world in digital manufacturing. Digital India has helped us in many ways during the lockdown.
  • Google Career Certificate has been announced by Google, under which courses like IT Support, Data management can be learned. For this, a scholarship has been announced by Google, which will benefit about 1 lakh youth in the next two years.
  • According to Sundar Pichai, Google along with Jio launched the cheap smartphone Jiophone Next, so that more and more people can connect to the Internet.
  • Google had announced an investment of 10 billion dollars in India. So that it can become a partner in India’s digital growth. This amount was to be spent over the next 5 years.
  • Also fast India UPI transactionThe matter is moving forward. This also includes people from small towns and villages, who are transferring money digitally. During the lockdown, people are spending more time on the smartphone.
  • The need for digital was realized during the lockdown. India became the country with the most smartphones in the last 12 months.
  • India is a leading digital economy. Internet is present everywhere in the present time. The country is progressing rapidly due to digital technology. Google is playing an important role in this.
  • According to Google, the country is running. Children in the country are getting answers online. Online education is available. Kids are learning coding. Also, Google is playing an important role in the direction of employment. India is running fast on the digital path.
  • The 7th edition of Google for India has started. The event can be viewed below.