Eight IPS officers face five-year ban for not joining central deputation

Eight IPS officers face five-year ban

New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry has imposed a five-year ban on eight IPS officers from central deputation and foreign assignment for not joining the posts allotted to them under the IPS tenure policy. The officers belong to Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana cadres and were appointed to various central departments and agencies. The ministry has issued orders in this regard.

The IPS tenure policy is a mechanism to ensure that IPS officers from all the states of the country get an opportunity to serve in different places on central deputation. Every year, many officers apply for central deputation and leave their cadre to work in various central departments and agencies such as CBI, NIA, BSF, CISF, National Police Academy, BPRD, etc. The policy also provides for action against those officers who do not take charge of the given appointment even after acceptance. Under paragraph 17 of this policy, these officers are banned for five years from central deputation and foreign assignment.

According to the order issued recently, the eight officers who have been banned are:

  • Rajasudha R and Atul Vikas Kulkarni of the 2015 batch and Rajesh Bhamre of the 2014 batch from the Maharashtra cadre. Rajasudha was appointed as Assistant Director at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad, while Atul Kulkarni was appointed as Superintendent in the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD). Bhamre was appointed in the National Investigation Agency (NIA).
  • Rajesh Modak of the 2003 batch, Dr Meenakshi Katyan of the 2014 batch, and LV Antony Dev Kumar of the 1994 batch from the Uttar Pradesh cadre. Antony was appointed IG in the Border Security Force (BSF), and Modak was appointed DIG in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). In contrast, Katyan was appointed as Superintendent of BPRD.
  • Rajesh Duggal of the 2010 batch and Rajendrakumar Meena of the 2011 batch from the Haryana cadre. Duggal was appointed to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Meena to the BPRD.
Eight IPS officers face five-year ban

The order said that these officers failed to join the respective departments even after appointment due to some reason, hence a ban of five years has been imposed on them under the policy. They will not be eligible for deputation in any department of the Centre for the next five years. The order also said that these officers will not be considered for any foreign assignment during this period.

The ministry has also asked the state governments to take necessary action against these officers as per the rules. The ministry has also warned other IPS officers to comply with the IPS tenure policy and join the posts allotted to them on central deputation without any delay or excuse.